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Fix your home recording - improve your mix

Have you recorded your music at home and are unhappy with the results? Are you trying to mix your album/demo/EP but you just can't get it to sound the way you like? Are you completely stuck with your home recording project and need help moving forward?

Not to worry, chances are that I can help!

There are a lot of things that may seem simple and straight forward, but actually require a lot of experience to get right. And if you don't, your mix is going to sound completely wrong, without you understanding why that is.

It isn't just a question of experience either. It is very likely that your listening environment is preventing you from getting an accurate picture, and that you are unable to hear what is causing the problems in your mix.

Or maybe your mix is sounding quite balanced already, but it needs a bit of life injected into it using the appropriate analogue outboard.

Usually I ask you to send me some of your files so that I can have a listen, then give you an idea of different solutions and their associated costs.

In a lot of cases I can make a very big difference with a relatively small amount of work. Get in touch to discuss your project.

Case studies with before/after samples

Peter had done a pretty good job with these mixes, but a number of issues prevented the instruments to be heard. To his disbelief, the more he turned them up, the less they were heard. Hear the before/after samples below, and how you can now hear all the intruments. Also, the drums and bass have much more punch and there is a sense of space around the vocals and instruments, which was absent before.

Please note that the remixed versions were much louder than the original mixes. To have a fair comparison, I reduced the level of the remixed songs to match that of the originals.

January - by Lensflare Original mix

January - by Lensflare 21seven re-mix

Everything Up Until Today - by Lensflare Original mix

Everything Up Until Today - by Lensflare 21seven re-mix

And another example below, of another home recording/mix which suffered from similar issues

What a Beatiful Gift - by By Ken Donald Original mix

What a Beatiful Gift - by By Ken Donald 21seven re-mix