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Updated 27th February 2024 

Gift vouchers - recording studio Edinburgh


Want to give a great present? Gift vouchers for 1.5, 3, 4 or 5 hours recording sessions are available. For any extra information and/or advice on what may be more appropriate, get in touch. Generally speaking you should get:

  • - 1.5 hours for recording someone singing over pre-recorded backing tracks
  • - 3 or 4 hours for an acoustic singer/songwriter wanting to put down 2-3 songs
  • - 5 hours for a band wanting to record a couple of demo songs

I excel at working with people with no or little recording experience in a proper studio environment: often people are very nervous when they come through the door, but leave very relaxed with a big smile in their face and a great recording of their music!

Please order online below or contact me to arrange picking one up in person.

Gift voucher testimonials

If my mum didn't get this gift voucher for me, I'd never been confident enough to book myself into a recording studio. I am so glad she did: this was my first recording experience and I loved it.

Andrea was great to work with. He made me feel comfortable and at ease from the moment go (and I was very nervous when I arrived!)

The whole home studio set up is very welcoming and professional. A great experience through and through.

Martin D.

One of the best presents ever. I have listened to the tracks we recorded a million times, I still can't believe it I can sound so good! Whatever magic you put into all this, thank you, thank you and thank you Andrea.

I shall be back.

Sarah W.

I bought a gift voucher for my Dad. He really did not expect this and he put off his recording session for almost a year. Frankly at some point I thought he would never use it.

But he eventually gave the studio a call and arranged a date. I went with him on the day, and 30 minutes later I was delighted to see my 72 years old father really getting into it, as excited as a child!

Highly recommended.

John M.