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Mixing at 21SEVEN

Online mixing services are widely available, as well as Edinburgh studios offering "per track", fixed-price mixing. While these are perfectly valid solutions, I take a very different approach. A personal one.

To me every project is totally different and depends on too many disparate elements to price it "per song". Besides, what "mixed" may mean to me may be completely different to you, and your aspirations and expectations should not be taken for granted.

The best thing is this: you come to see me, bring your files with you, we listen together and discuss different options, artistic choices, prices etc there and then. Completely obligation-free. Meeting in person it will also become clearer if we are on the same wavelength, which is pretty important if I am to work on your music.

Please note that this is not a way of hiding being more expensive than other places: I am not! You will find my pricing very affordable and reasonable.

What is mixing?

After all the instruments and vocals are recorded, they are mixed. Think of mixing as putting the puzzle together, assembling the parts you have recorded so that each one sits in its own space and can be clearly heard, but at the same time they form a whole together.

Mixing involves adjusting volumes of individual tracks, adjusting the stereo image, creating a sense of space and depth, equalizing, compressing, adding effects and final touches in order to bring your music to life.

Digital vs analogue

I offer both, but which one should you go for? Please see the dedicated "digital vs analogue" section in the FAQ page, here.


analogue goodness and cutting edge digital technology

The studio combines the best of the analogue and digital worlds. There are 60K worth of outboard equipment available to be used on your mix. World class converters, preamps, reverbs, EQs, tracking and mastering compressors which make a tremendous difference and do what software can't achieve.

At the same time, I take full advantage of software for the things that analogue equipment cannot do: faster workflow, clinical EQ and compression, editing, pitch tuning, resonance removal etc.

All the digital effects are controlled using "Softube Console 1" (as you see in picture). This allows me to bypass mouse/keyboard - using real knobs - which is way faster. Same for the Mackie mixer interface with motorised faders, which is used instead of the mouse. This makes for a very fast and efficient work flow, that will save you a lot of money.

recording studio