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Hello I am Andrea,

21seven is the result of many years of work, experimentation and investment in order to match the acoustics, sound proofing and equipment typical of the big studios in a home environment.

Freed from the expensive overheads commercial premises involve, I can now provide great quality at entry-level prices.

The studio combines cutting edge technology, analogue/vintage equipment and old-fashioned production values, where musicality and instinct always come first.

Programming, samples, click tracks, pitch tuning and digital effects have their uses - but can easily make your music lifeless and robotic...

Playing live is always encouraged here, but there is no standard recipe and it all comes down to what works best for you. I have years of experience in bringing out the best sound and performance from people playing all kind of styles. Join me to work together in this truly unique creative environment.
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Our separate, dedicated tracking room is fully soundproofed and sound treated. Very important as room acoustics largely determine the sound of your recording.

The control room fine tuned to provide an excellent environment for both monitoring during recording and mixing/post-production.

There's a nice chill out area (with dynamite-strenght coffee or all kind of teas and herbal infusion always on offer), a covered smoking area and great views of the Salisbury Crags.

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