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Hello I am Andrea, please do ignore the Italian name that makes everyone think I am a woman and don't worry about needing an interpreter as I have been in Edinburgh since 1993!

In my life-long involvement in music I learnt that getting a good recording isn't an easy thing... and for those without the financial backing of a label it gets even harder...

High end studios are expensive, which means a lot of pressure to get things done too quickly and cutting corners. Cheaper studios' lack of proper equipment and acoustics means mediocre, one-dimensional results.
I spent the last 7 years building a truly high end studio with state of the art soundproofing and acoustic treatment in my flat, designed to provide top quality with low overheads in a relaxing and stimulating environment.

The result is 21seven, a place without the time pressure that prevents a spontaneous and inspiring performance. A place where you can get things right, be creative and enjoy the experience too.

If you are looking for a great sounding recording that is personal, original and honestly captures the essence of what you do - without breaking the bank - you are definitely in the right place!

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The tracking room is fully soundproofed and sound treated. Its size is perfect for vocal recording, for which we get truly stellar results.
It is also good for acoustic and electric guitars, other stringed instruments and fiddles.

Unfortunately, it isn't great for double bass and horns.
We can still of course record them, but if your music is
heavily based on those, perhaps you are better off looking elsewhere.

The control room is carefully sound treated, so that we can really hear what we are doing.
It includes a nice chill out corner with a small sofa + armchair and stunning views of the Edinburgh Craggs.
Dynamite-strength espresso is always on offer, as well as a teas/herbal infusions.

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