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Hello I am Andrea, please ignore the Italian name that makes everyone think I am a woman and don't worry about needing an interpreter as I have been in Edinburgh since 1993!

Getting a great recording without the financial backing of a label isn't an easy thing for independent artists, folk musicians and emerging bands.

In truly professionally equipped studios you can’t afford enough time to get good results. In semi-professional studios the lack of proper equipment and acoustics is going to pay its toll on the final product.

In 2006 I decided to find a solution to this, aimed at those wanting a great recording at a price they can afford.

I spent one and half years building and setting up a truly "high end" studio in my flat, conceived and designed to provide top quality with low overheads in a relaxing and stimulating environment.

With advice from competent acousticians and a lot of experimentation we achieved state of the art soundproofing and good room acoustics, far exceeding the standards of similarly priced studios.

Freed from expensive rent/high overheads, the following 7 years I concentrated investing in the best equipment money can buy: not replicas or digital emulations, but the very same tools used by the big studios to record most of your favourite albums.

The result is 21seven, a truly unique environment where you can be creative without the time pressure that prevents a spontaneous and inspiring performance.

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The tracking room is fully soundproofed and sound treated. This is of paramount importance as the acoustics of the room where you record largely determine the sound of your recording.

The size of our tracking room is perfect for vocal recording, for which we get truly stellar results.
It is also good for acoustic and electric guitars, electric bass, other stringed instruments and fiddles.

The control room is carefully sound treated, providing a truly excellent environment for both monitoring during recording and mixing/post-production. It includes a nice chill out corner with a small sofa + armchair and stunning views of the Salisbury Crags.

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