Demo recording Edinburgh

PORT A BEUL (folk)
Gillespie and Wolfe
Live studio session with guitar, fiddle and flute for Sam and Becka's album. All vocals were overdubbed.

WELLINGTON (indie/pop)
Kat McKenzie
Part of the recording of Kat's album. Guitar, drums, bass and keyboards recorded live. Vocals and guitar overdubbing.

OUR PARADE (acoustic songwriter)
Cameron Adam
Part of a 3 songs demo recorded in a 3 hours session. Great songwriting and earnest performance, captured with an intimate warmth and a subtle, special stillness to it.

TEMPTRESS (country/punk)
Miss Country Blue & the Jure Grando Band
Part of the band's 4 song EP. Drums, rhythm guitar and bass recorded live, with a guide vocal and lead guitar which were then overdubbed together with the fiddle. No click track was used.

Martin Boland
Part of the the Captains Bar CD, this would turn out to be the last time I worked with Martin and one of my favourites amongst everything I ever recorded. Beautiful, effortless guitar playing, earnest singing, tons of emotion and a bit of a struggle for breath... isn't that just Martin for you? Rest in peace my dear friend, you were an inspiration to many and are sorely missed.

CEMETARY SEA (acoustic/indie/punk)
Paper Rifles
From Paper Rifles' first EP. An interesting piece of work, where Jon plays all instruments. Guitar and vocals were recorded together. Check them out at

VOLTS TO KILL (funk/indie/rock)
Shotgun City Sunshine
Part of the band's 3 songs EP. Drums, rhythm guitar and bass recorded live, with a temporary guide vocal. Vocals and lead guitar were then overdubbed.

Jack Foster
Part of album recorded with limited budget. Jack recorded some rough guide tracks on a portable recorder, then recorded guitar on top of them and overdubbed vocals and fiddle. Great results with minimum investment.

DACHNAYA (cool Russian jazzy rap)
Evgeny Leonov
Evgeny lives in Moscow, but during his trip in the UK he decided to book a 3 hours session in the studio. He walked in without any instruments and walked out with this nice song, which both of us were very happy with!

WE RUN (punk rock)
The Secretive Punk Rockers
Quick demo for a band which is now signed under a different name, and whose real name will therefore remain top secret ;-)

Just 3 Folk
Anne, Maggie and Liz recorded 14 songs to support a charity. All recorded live, due to a limited budget we ignored small imperfections and concentrated on feel/performance, with minimal post production. The result is a lovely, heartfelt recording - very natural and spontaneous - in the best folk music tradition.

THE BALLAD OF GRACE AND JOE (acoustic songwriter)
Frank Burkitt
Album quality recording. Everything was recorded separately here. Frank was very comfortable in doing that. No click track was used.

Black Cat Bone
Demo quality. Recorded all live, apart from lead guitar and background vocals.