analogue to digital conversion - tape cassette to cd

Do you have any tape cassettes that you want to transfer to CD or any other digital format? Do you have any audio recording that needs to be restored to its former glory?

The studio is equipped with world class digital converters: Myteks 8x192 ADDA and Burl Bomber B2. Just to give you an idea, the latter is what Eddie Kramer (who recorded all Jimi Hendrix's albums and helped Jimi build Electric Ladyland studios) decided to use to re-convert all Jimi's catalogue into digital for its 50th anniversary remaster edition.

Perhaps you have demo tapes/albums of your old teenage band, or your parents' band. Or you may have live recordings on cassette that you want to hear again, or give to people as presents.

Whether you need a simple, straight conversion from tape to digital (£ 25 for a 45 minutes tape, £ 35 for a 90 minutes tape) or require your audio to be de-noised, de-hissed, re-mastered or improved in any way - I can accommodate all your needs.

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