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Just 3Folk

This was our first time recording and thanks to Andrea’s friendly, helpful approach, we felt very relaxed in his studio which is conveniently situated close to Waverley train station.

Andrea is a competent sound engineer who uses high quality equipment and he was keen to ensure we were happy with the results at every stage of the process.

Following Andrea’s final work on the recordings, we are delighted with the high quality finished product and very proud of our first CD.

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Andrew Strong

I worked with Andrea over a number of months on a long, daunting project.

His passion for music propels you into new territory and his particular love of guitars and amps made this project a voyage of discovery.

Andrea operated as a critical friend, suggesting creative ways forward. He is able to look at the big picture while also paying attention to the tiniest details.

Towards the end of the project he worked alone on the final mixes and the result was astonishing. He was able to pull quite disparate elements together into an elegant finished piece.

Andrea is a true craftsman and I am delighted with the results.

Gordon Cockburn, Shotgun City Sunshine

This was our first time recording and we loved every minute of it. Andrea has an amazing studio and was great at making us feel relaxed and at ease. A tremendous mixture of vintage and modern equipment was used to make our debut single sound perfect.

Andrea really tapped into what we were wanting the overall sound to be and we couldn't be happier with the results as we gained radio airplay thanks to our professional sounding release. We will definitely be recording at 21seven again.

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Hannah Reade

Andrea came recommended to me by a friend, I felt at ease around him straight away, and he was generous with his time, energy and ideas from the outset.

Working together was lovely, he is so tolerant and patient. I had never sung my songs to anyone before, so recording them was quite a leap.

In both parts of this process Andrea was sensitive and encouraging.

Andrea has a good ear for quality and was honest with me about the problems which we had come across in the process of recording.

I really appreciated all the time and energy which he invested in my project, and am looking forward to our next recording session.

Cameron Adam

A few years back, I set out to record my very first demo. I had a limited budget and a guitar that would rarely stay in tune from one song to the next. After searching online for studios in Edinburgh, I was delighted to find Andrea’s website.

Andrea offered the full recording process, and a selection of instruments I could utilise during my session. Not only that, but he offered these services at a more than reasonable price.

He has kept in touch over the years and has since upgraded every aspect of his studio allowing him to provide a professional recording session in the comfort of his own home. I would highly recommend Andrea to any musician who is looking to record radio quality music at an affordable price.

Check out Cameron's band, Gunnison, on Facebook:

Jack Foster

Prior to recording with Andrea, I had become convinced that recording was by its very nature an excruciating and deeply unsatisfying process.

Andrea's set up though, along with his relaxed approach to recording, allowed me to concentrate solely on my own performance - safe in the knowledge that the production side was in safe hands.

Andrea's priority is the capturing of a truly unique and honest performance. This is so refreshing in a world of sound engineers whose obsession with technicalities and equipment often produces technically flawless but somewhat stale and lifeless recordings.

As a folk singer and musician, it makes all the difference working with a producer who is not only familiar with, but understands the folk/traditional genre.

For Andrea, it's not just a business, it's clearly a labour of love too; it is comforting to work with someone who is genuinely passionate and isn't merely going through the motions.

This is the only page in this web site containing pictures that have not been taken at our studio. Guess exactly which ones and win a price (just kidding!)

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Friend or a Friend

We had an amazing time recording our first EP at 21seven studios.

Andrea is the man!

This is the best value for money studio in Edinburgh and Andrea is very keen to help out artists who are on a budget.

Equipment, instruments and amps wise it is absolutely incredible. Each piece of equipment has great character and is well maintained. Andrea also really knows his stuff when it comes to sound engineering and is very happy to allow for a great deal of input from the artist.

The whole time we spent recording was completely stress free as there was no clock watching or pressure out on us.

At the end of it all we have an EP we are very proud of. 21 seven is the place to go.

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Pam McGregor - Captains Bar

Andrea recorded 20 tracks for us. His attention to detail and knowledge of the recording process was fantastic.

He was welcoming and communicated with us at every stage. He also helped to make the CD cases by formatting it all and proofing it, ensuring all went well.

We love the finished product and it was a pleasure to work with Andrea.

Captains Bar, Edinburgh

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Hailey Beavis

I was looking to make a 4 track EP of original music last year and Andrea came highly recommended to me by several musician friends. He has been praised not only for his quality of sound production but also for his considerate and genuine approach to the artist.

I had an almost unrealistically short deadline for when I needed a finished item, but I thought that Andrea couldn't have brought more dedication and support to the project.

Andrea's studio is unique in that it is situated in his home. This is wonderful as his passion for music has created an atmosphere which is wholly welcoming and professional.

I am one of the growing number of musicians to recommend Andrea. His feed back and suggestions came from a place of sensitivity and experience and the over all sound we created reflected all his hard work.

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Andrea at 21Seven mixed and mastered a 12-song album and 5-song EP for me. The tracks I brought were done in an acoustically messy environment with just two microphones and loads of overdubs. Although a lot of effort had gone into the project it was sounding muddy and lifeless and I thought some of the inherent problems might not be recoverable.

In comes Andrea, who went about mixing using his array of idiosyncratic analogue gear, including the awesome “Fatso”. What he achieved was basically bringing the thing back to life and recapturing the soul of the music.

In an age of digital possibilities it is so easy to get lost in details. I found Andrea just really musical, someone who knows what matters to the listener. He was patient and thoughtful and worked tirelessly over several sessions, all for a great price considering the expertise that has gone into it. Highly recommended.

Evgeny Leonov

Last year as part of my holiday trip to the UK I recorded one of my songs at 21seven studio. It was a great pleasure to record with Andrea, that's why I recently did again.

Andrea is a huge music fan and he is passionate about recording, that's why working together was really interesting, creative and productive. There is a brilliant collection of instruments and equipment at the studio and I really enjoyed using them to find different sounds for my tracks.

Good luck Andrea, I wish you many more remarkable recordings and interesting people to work with!

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Frank Burkitt

Working with Andrea gave me a high quality album recording as well as an invaluable experience of working in a professional studio. The relaxed nature of the studio allowed me to be heavily involved with the recording process, ensuring I achieved the sound I wanted.

Having a large amount of high spec gear and knowing the acoustics of his own built studio so well, Andrea is very good at working out what microphone, preamps and room placement works best for each instrument and voice. Andrea's got an amazing guitar collection and being able to use these wonderful instruments was truly inspiring. All this contributed to a fantastic end product of which I am very proud.

I would highly recommend 21Seven recording studio to anyone. You get a fantastic studio, a fantastic recording technician and all with a very homely, relaxed atmosphere which really lets you bring out your best performance

The earl of ormidale

Andrea encouraged us to play our music in the way that we felt most comfortable and took care of all the technicalities. This was our first time in a proper recording studio and we are really pleased with the results. We’ll be back!

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Tom Harland

I am an amateur folk musician based in Edinburgh and just recorded my first album at Andrea's studio.

Andrea's sensitively imbued my songs with a consistent, intimate warmth and depth which matched the style of music I play.

As the album's producer he regularly offered valued advice and suggestions to improve the final product, without being overbearing or demanding.

He was patient and flexible and clearly valued the final outcome above and beyond sticking rigidly to time boundaries.

The recording studio itself is a well conceived space with a mood which encourages the musician to relax and focus upon producing a good take.

I would thoroughly recommend Andrea's studio to any musicians who would like to have an honest and sensitively mastered compilation of their work.

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Kat McKenzie

Recording my album at 21seven was a great experience.

Andrea was flexible (especially in the face of technical setup issues), gave great advice and was very patient with our demands and fixes.

The mixing process was also very helpful, with several versions offered before an attended final mixing session.

I look forward to recording again at 21seven.

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I spent a great afternoon in the studio, jamming with my friends Dawn at vocals and Balazs at bass. Then back for some overdubbing the day after. Got some great guitars sounds, I loved that Fender Twin Andrea, I never heard my guitar sound so good!!