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We provide top quality voice over recordings. Our vocal booth sounds truly excellent and is completely sound proofed. Our selection of vocal microphones is second to none. Many speakers comment on how comfortable and relaxing an environment this is, helping them to concentrate and perform at their best. For a truly professional voice over recording at an affordable price, you are in the right place! Get in touch to discuss your project.

For voice over work we charge £ 30 per hour, longer projects attract cheaper rates. Please note: we have no ISDN or Skype connection.

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Customer testimonials for voiceover recordings

Andrea was quick to reply to all our questions and was always very accommodating. He provided a comfortable environment for us to record the Polish and Chinese voiceovers for The Real Mary King’s Close audio guides. Both recordings were finished on time and Andrea took every step to ensure that no unwanted noise got through to the final recording. He was very patient, helpful and professional at all times.

In less than a week Andrea had all the audio files cleaned up, edited and mastered, which allowed us to start the process of uploading the files on to the audio guides without any delay.

We hope to work with Andrea again in the future and we thoroughly recommend 21Seven Studio for any voiceover projects. It was a real pleasure to work with Andrea.

Marta Coco
Corporate, Events and Groups Sales Executive

21Seven provides us with a comfortable and reliable environment for us to record the voiceovers for FreeAgent's videos in Edinburgh. Andrea is patient, helpful and supportive and makes our voiceover artists feel instantly at ease. The studio is very well equipped and Andrea has taken every step to ensure that no unwanted noise gets through.

During the recording, Andrea makes it easy for me to talk to the voiceover artists and give them feedback - he's happy for us to record as many takes as we need to get every part of the voiceover right. At the end of the session, Andrea gives us the opportunity to review what we have recorded and to choose our favourite takes upfront, which we always find really helpful. Andrea turns our finished audio files around very promptly, allowing us to start work on the video editing process at the earliest opportunity.

We've really enjoyed working with 21Seven for our last few voiceover projects and look forward to returning to the studio in the near future.

Jessica Adair -

I contacted Andrea for assistance with recording an audio book to offer on my website. I had never attempted anything like this before, so was uncertain about what the process would involve.

It was a stroke of great good luck that I found Andrea. He made the whole process very easy for me, while creating an end product that was far better than anything I had hoped for.

This was possible because of his technical expertise and experience, and the high quality of his equipment and recording studio. Despite all the equipment, the studio was cosy and welcoming, and Andrea’s friendliness made it easy to relax and enjoy the recording over several weeks.

Andrea guided me through the entire process and I was left free to focus on enjoying reading the book. It was a true pleasure to work with Andrea and I recommend him highly. I hope to work with him again before long.

Sharadha Bain