Youtube video showcase - demos

A few months ago my friend and local songwriter Ciaran McGhee asked me to help him shooting some videos for his Youtube channel. He wanted something as simple as possible, with no frills, to showcase what he does. Basically very much "man with guitar singing for you in front of the camera". Ciaran wanted the video and audio quality to be as good as possible. Something that made him look professional.

The result is what you see below (please make sure that you select "HD" mode to watch the video at full quality). I can now offer this to anyone wanting the same.

I use a Canon full frame digital SLR with prime, red-ring lens. Professional LED lighting and diffusers. And of course this being a professional recording studio the audio is absolutely top quality. You have a choice of different backgrounds (plain white, plain black + 6 different abstract ones).

If you want something as simple as this (you playing your instrument and/or singing in front of the camera), but at really good video and audio quality, with very natural colour rendition, please get in touch.

I am only offering this on "experimental basis" for now, so I am pretty happy to negotiate with you a very reasonable price.

Ciaran McGhee